We wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work, commitment and determination of our dedicated people. From the senior management down throughout the business, our teams are experts in their respective fields.

Guiding the business is a highly knowledgeable senior management team, with many years experience between them. From strategic direction and day-to-day operational management, through to off-site and on-site commercial specialists, each has clear roles and defined responsibilities.

Our off-site team includes a skilled workforce operating from our manufacturing facility in Manchester, looking after all pre-panelised SFS requirements. We also have dedicated, specialist installation teams responsible for all aspects of works on-site.

Our on-site finishes history and pedigree is considerable and we employ experienced people in a variety of specialist roles. All our people have hands on experience and include Project Managers, Senior Site Managers and Site Supervisors.

All these teams have the support of commercial, logistics, SHEQ and administration specialists who understand project requirements and look after all operational requirements from inception through to delivery.