Empowering our people top of the agenda as The Mansell Way launches

Working closely with our team we’ve developed a set of values and behaviours that set clear expectations for everyone in the business and in doing so empowers our people to do their jobs more effectively.

Called The Mansell Way, it is a framework that clarifies the company’s purpose, values and defining behaviours and provides key priority areas against which everyone in the business will plan, execute and measure everything they do.

The framework also gives everyone direction about how the company meets peoples’ needs, whether they’re internal or external, be that the team, customers, suppliers or other interested parties.

Following several interactive workshops, five key values were identified by the team: Go Home Safe; Work As A Unit; Do It Right First Time; Be Realistic and The Best In All We Do. A set of realistic and appropriate behaviours were then identified and associated against each value to form The Mansell Way framework.

The Mansell Way now underpins all company activities and is at the core of all internal communications, acting as a reference point for staff inductions, one-to-ones, annual appraisals and other people development activities.

Angela Mansell, Operations Director at Mansell Finishes and creator of The Mansell Way, comments: “You could say that this is the equivalent of ISO for the culture and ethos of our company! While we will be drawing up a set of KPIs to measure performance, it’s not about keeping tighter control over our people. It’s about empowering them to get on with their jobs, to make decisions for themselves and help deliver a better experience for anyone involved with the company.

“Only by empowering our people and letting them know that they have the full support of everyone around them can this be successful. And even though it is still early days, we’re already seeing an encouraging effect on the business with a more assured atmosphere, happier people and a positive impact on company performance.”