Delivering tomorrow’s structures

We are one of only a handful of companies in the UK with the skills and capability to deliver pre-panelised SFS solutions, also known as Off-Site SFS. We pre-fabricate the panels in a controlled and stable production environment at our manufacturing facility based in Manchester. This ensures the best possible quality and our SFS solutions have been recognised as a high-level performance solution by the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEEAM.

As the pre-fabricated panels are delivered to site when they are needed using just in time delivery methods, we are able to speed up the construction process by up to 30 per cent. Our Off-Site SFS solutions deliver economies of scale, especially in projects where there’s a repetition of units and standardised design simplifies and reduces the need for specialist input resulting in even more cost savings. Utilising Off-Site SFS solutions, site safety has been improved by a factor of five according to the HSE and there’s a whole host of environmental benefits including a reduction in waste of 25%.

We have dedicated, specialist installation and commercial teams who understand project requirements from inception to delivery and by taking a more planned approach, the whole supply chain is more integrated ensuring better results all round.

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